Awesome Pictures

Are you curious about what the real insect looks like? With all the details you would not be able to see with the naked eye? Check out this site! Here you will find beautiful close ups of May's, Stone's and Sedge's in all stage's. You will never look at these insects in the same way again. TroutNut


These are some of the shows and fairs of which I think it might be worth taking a look at:

Welcome to the Kick Ass Fly Tying Website!

On this website you can find the things that I really like about fly tying, a diversity of materials and techniques transformed into "flies". Some to fish with and some for show, some of my own and some from tyers around me.

The Artwork link will lead you to another thing I have been doing lately.....drawing, pencil work mostly. Once I have something on paper that I like it will be imported into the computer and from that point on I add more to the work but on the digital end. Once this is finished this artwork will be framed with one of my realistic creations to accompany it. I will put the finished work on my site so if you come back on a somewhat regular basis you can see what I'm up to.

Now since my site is a work in progress it's not on it's full potential at this moment so I hope you will be back to find new and hopefully interesting stuff here. I will certainly try to have some Kick Ass Fly Tying on this site for everyone. It might be a pattern, a technique or an article that you can use to your advantage.....who knows. I can only hope you will have as much fun surfing around here as I have creating the site.

In the future I will try to have a guest book or even a forum, but for now we will see where it goes from here.


Enjoy :)
Paul van den Driesche